Supporting Charities

This page is devoted to a number of charities who have supported and collaborated with the National Germ Cell Group for a number of years, but some new to this conference.

We rely on them to keep our group connected to our patient group and to help raise awareness of testicular cancer and germ cell cancer.

It's on the Ball

About Our Charity and Activities:

It’s On the Ball is a Testicular Cancer awareness and support charity based in Norwich which offers its services throughout the East Anglia region (Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, & Suffolk), and beyond. The charity was formed in 2014 under the guidance of Dr Susanna Alexander, a Consultant Medical Oncologist based at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. (Registered Charity No. 1155510).

The main aims of the charity are to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer, and to support patients affected by the disease and their families.

Support activities include:

  • Providing ‘Support Packs’ to patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment for Testicular Cancer at participating Hospitals.
  • Offering ‘peer to peer’ emotional support to patients diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, and their family members.
  • Running social events for men who have been affected by Testicular Cancer, and their families.
  • Offering financial assistance on a case by case basis.

Awareness activities include:

  • Delivering awareness talks in schools, colleges, and places of work.
  • Attending various health and wellbeing events throughout East Anglia.
  • Producing a range of informative literature including leaflets & posters.
  • Running focussed awareness campaigns every April, which has been designated ‘Testicular Cancer Awareness Month’ in the UK.
  • Regular awareness messages in local press and various social media platforms.

To enable these aims, the charity organises fundraising events throughout the year, and relies on donations from local businesses and the general public. The charity does not receive any funding via the NHS or any other governmental body.

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UCARE (Urology Cancer Research and Education) is an Oxford-based charity

committed to improving the treatment and care of cancer patients nationally

through research and education.

Our Aims

  • To support research into the causes, prevention and treatment of urological cancers and related conditions.
  • To promote the development of new technologies that will help to improve the diagnosis and treatment of urological cancers and related conditions.
  • To provide equipment and facilities for research, and for the treatment of cancer patients.
  • To provide information and education about urological cancers.


Raising Awareness

Thanks to ongoing research there have been real advances in cancer care in recent years.

We remain committed to highlighting the importance of prevention and early detection of urological cancer, in order to complement these improved treatments.

Alongside our commitment to funding research is our determination to reach as many people as possible, sharing knowledge which can protect them.

We work in an area which has relatively low public awareness, but, with your help and support we could make a significant breakthrough.

For further information go to

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It's in the Bag Cancer Support

We provide hands-on support for men with testicular cancer in the South-West, as well as raising awareness of the disease across the region and beyond.

It’s in the Bag is run by a group of testicular cancer survivors with support from specialist NHS staff. We have three simple aims:

  1. Support
    Being diagnosed with testicular cancer and going through treatment is a huge challenge – physically, mentally and emotionally. We provide a range of activities and initiatives to help men through this tough time.
  2. Awareness
    We teach men the importance of checking their balls regularly and taking any issues straight to their GP. Spreading this knowledge promotes earlier diagnosis, which often means simpler, more effective treatment and better chances of a cure.
  3. Survival
    With UK cure rates for testicular cancer running above 98%, we focus on survival – helping guys tackle the emotional and practical impact of cancer, both during treatment and beyond.

With our upbeat approach to awareness, we’ve reached thousands, as well as improving the wellbeing of hundreds of the South-West’s testicular cancer patients. In 2012, we won the QIC ‘Cancer Charity Initiative of the Year’ award in recognition of the real impact our support activities are having on patients’ quality of life and in 2015 won Campaign of the Year in the Bristol Post health and care awards.

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Ovacome is the UK’s national ovarian cancer support charity.

We have been providing personalised support and information to those diagnosed with ovarian cancer and their loved ones for 25 years. We also support any healthcare professionals working in the field.

We are at the heart of the ovarian cancer community and as a membership charity, we work to directly meet the needs of those affected by the disease.

Our support services include:

  • Telephone, email, text and instant chat support
  • An online forum:
  • Ovarian cancer information booklets, all written and reviewed by experts in the field.
  • A programme of online talks, workshops and support groups, that you can join from the comfort of your own home. These include clinical talks from leading experts in ovarian cancer treatment and research, as well as health and wellbeing workshops offering guidance around various aspects of living with, or supporting someone affected by the disease.

We also work to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, as well as the lived experiences of those affected by it. We run our B.E.A.T. symptom awareness campaign among the general public and educate students doctors and nurses through our Survivors Teaching Students programme.

Find out more about our work and how we can support you at, or by calling 0800 008 7054, or by emailing .

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Wendy Gough Foundation

Wendy Gough Cancer Awareness Foundation was set up because Wendy lost her teenage son Matthew to Testicular Cancer 24 years ago. The charity uses school talks to shatter the taboos about cancer allowing freedom to talk about cancer. Soon after Matthew’s death, Wendy worked for many years with ICR as a volunteer for their Everyman Team until it folded, raising awareness in schools on their behalf. Our charity was then formed to carry on this vital awareness work.

The aim is to teach students how to take responsibility for their bodies, including information on lifestyle choices about drugs, smoking, diet, obesity and alcohol. How to recognize early symptoms and listen to their bodies – and how to report ‘changes’ sufficiently quickly to their Doctors and request appropriate tests thus enhancing their chances of survival.

We had a film made which is easy for schools to use, plus leaflets all available to every secondary school in the UK, FREE of charge. PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education – which has been made compulsory for schools to teach from last year) Wendy worked tirelessly with the Government to get this taught in all secondary schools as part of the now ‘compulsory” part of PSHE.

Hundreds of thousands of young people have heard these talks over the years that she has been visiting schools.

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Orchid is the UK’s leading charity working on behalf of anyone affected by or interested in male specific cancer – prostate, testicular and penile cancer. Established in 1996 by testicular cancer patient Colin Osborne MBE and the oncologist who saved his life, Professor Tim Oliver, Orchid exists to save men’s lives from male cancer through a range of support services, education and awareness campaigns and a pioneering research programme.

Orchid also has a dedicated National Male Cancer Helpline 0808 802 0010

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Baggy Trousers UK

Our Story

Baggy Trousers UK shares the stories of those affected by testicular cancer, raising awareness of the signs and symptoms and the importance of regular self examination. As a charity, they also provide emotional, financial and peer support to anyone with a diagnosis.

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The Robin Cancer Trust

The Robin Cancer Trust is the UK’s germ cell cancer community. Our mission is to stop young adults dying from germ cell cancer by raising awareness, offering support and connecting our community:
  • Raising awareness – we educate, engage and empower young people on the signs & symptoms of testicular and ovarian cancers through our award-winning digital campaigns and life-saving educational programmes.
  • Offering support – we provide free materials to newly diagnosed young people going through treatment, helping to make the most difficult time of their life a little easier.
  • Connecting our community – we create meaningful connections with survivors though our Ambassador programme, giving a voice to those affected by these rare forms of cancer.

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