NGCG Conference 2018

The first National Germ Cell Group conference took place in Bristol on Monday, 23rd April 2018 along with the NGCG evening dinner on Sunday, 22nd April 2018. 

Thank you to the organising committee, Sue Brand, Wendy Ansell, Paul Hutton, Catherine Pettersen and Rob Cornes for their wonderful work in setting up the National Germ Cell Group and conference, and giving up so much of their time to make this happen!

Thank you to Professor Tim Oliver and Mr Richard Bullard, President of Its in the Bag who were our entertaining evening guest speakers.

During our packed programme on Monday, we had the support of Professor Johnathan Joffe, Dr Sara Stoneham, Dr Jonathan Shamash and Professor Andrew Protheroe all of whom are members of the NCRI Clinical Studies Group.  Thank you for your contribution and support.

Also many thanks for the support of our charities and the newly formed Testicular Cancer Network (TCN); Baggy Trousers UK, Cahonas, It’s in the Bag, It’s on the Ball, the Robin Cancer Trust and Wendy Gough Cancer Awareness Foundation.  We would also like to thank Orchid and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charity for their support and contribution.

Finally thank you to Luan Suckling, Events Organiser for working with the organising committee.

Summarised evaluations from the NGCG 2018 Conference

Attendees: Conference 80 attended Evening Dinner 48 attended

80 delegates attended the first NGCG Conference in 2018 and of those 53 returned their evaluation forms. 48 attended the Evening Networking Dinner which was kindly supported by It’s in the Bag

Presentations and sessions:

Nearly 100% of delegates scored the presentations/sessions Good/Excellent, however 20% of the delegates scored 2 sessions as Poor. We will feed this back to the presenters

The TCN programme was consistently scored Good/Excellent except for the TCN update session which was scored Average.

General Event Scores:

90% of the delegates scored the overall meeting, booking process, meeting organisation, quality of venue, AV facilities, quality of chairing as Excellent. However, where the score was lower is related to AV facilities, which the organisers fully appreciate and was outside of their control.

Session comments:

Morning sessions:

Good overview and Interesting, good scene setting for the day.

Bleomycin toxicity – evidence very interesting and knowledgeable and informative.

Female Germ Cell session – difficult to hear, little bit too much information and needed to be more uplifting.

Excellent topics, good balance between surgery, RT and follow-up of patients, Informative and interesting.

Afternoon sessions:

Busy session, huge amount covered, knowledgeable, informative.

Excellent, very practical and helpful.

Summarised information and important to have robust referral pathways.

The most important bit of the meeting, especially the patient perspective.

Focus on survivorship, inspirational and thought provoking.

Good debate, however could have had more structure

TCN Programme Comments:

Think that some of the doctors would have benefited.

TC update was well received

5 delegates expressed their disappointment that two of the charities stepped out as they said survivorship was not in their remit/objectives.

Summary of Comments:

How did we do?

Well done on organising this fantastic and very useful meeting.

Excellent meeting and networking opportunity

Excellent event, very well organised – look forward to 2020.

Well done to organisers!

Thoroughly enjoyed, extremely well organised.

Excellent opportunity to network with TCN and clinicians.

Really enjoyed the dinner and pleased by the response to IITB from professionals.  Survivorship toolkit needs a wider audience to clinicians too?  Great organisation.  Thank you!

Absolutely excellent meeting!!  Very comprehensive agenda + useful date.  Thank you!

What did we do well?             

Having the charities there is a great idea – support for patients is an essential part of what we do and could easily have been overlooked. Would like more session involving the charities.

Loved hearing about the Bristol Recovery Package –I hope we can input something similar into our Trust.

I thought the networking opportunities were very good.

Dinner was great for networking.  2020 – Manchester!  Bring it on!  Needs to be central.

What could improve?

Microphones (roving, lectern, chairs) – too quiet.

Would have been nice to have sat down for lunch.

There was a lot of banging sounds with the AV

Subjects for 2020:

Will be good to have a further discussion on follow-up with evidence from different points of view. Useful to discuss follow-up again in the future.

People who write NICE guidelines should be encouraged to attend here and to participate in future protocols.

Really good to get patients point of view.

There needs to be opportunity to present work as posters/abstracts.

1-2 eminent international speakers could be invited to talk.

I think we should expand the Sunday for CNS meetings and NGCG meetings.

How often:

I hope it continues an annual basis; maybe every two years

Last comment:

I am not sure if the whole group realised that we started with nothing and we now have a name, logo, website, bank account and doctors buy in, that in itself is a miracle!

Thank you to everyone who attended the NGCG Conference 2018!

Attendance certificates will be emailed out once the CPD points have been officially awarded along with a copy of the delegate list.

NGCG Conference 2020

The 2020 conference will take place in Manchester in 2020.  More information will be available in due course.

If you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities for the 2020 conference please contact Luan at

Thank you to our Supporters

2018 NGCG Conference: