NGCG Conference Glasgow 24th April 2023

Connecting, Communicating and Collaborating

Thank you to those who attended the 3rd National Germ Cell Group conference. You can view the posters on this site and we will be posting some photographs too.

Thank you to John Hartson.

It was good to see John Hartson at the Networking Dinner who shared his story of testicular cancer and how it has changed his life for the better. Many in the room were moved by his words.



Social Activities

You enjoyed the fine city of  Glasgow.

Some of you ran:

Some of you walked:








The winner of the £500 prize was Dr Blair Wilson; Mr David Hendry; Mr Abdulah Zreik, Dr Karen Smith, Dr Jeff White, Dr Leena Mukherjee

Tumour Marker Levels in Cystic Masses Encountered during RPLND: Potential Clinical Application.

The runners up were:

Dr Raman Kular, Dr Robin Young, Dr Stephen Bianchi, Professor Jim Wild

Could hyperpolarised Xenon and Proton MRI imaging techniques be key in the assessment of drug induced interstitial lung disease?

Dacheng Huo, Robert Huddart, Fay H Cafferty, Laura Murphy, Gordon JS Rustin , Syed A Sohaib, Francesca Schiavone, Richard S Kaplan, Johnathan K Joffe, Mark Sculpher, Saramago Pedro

Comparative cost-effectiveness of alternative imaging and surveillance schedules for testicular seminoma in the TRISST trial.